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Terms & conditions is one of the trade names used for Corendon International Travel B.V., located in Lijnden.

Corendon International Travel B.V. is registered with the General Dutch Association of Travel Agencies (ANVR), Travel Compensation Fund (SGR) and the warranty agreements included in the Calamity Fund (Calamiteitenfonds).

Reservation Terms and Conditions is a service provider in the field of travel. The purpose of this website is for to inform and provide recommendations, and facilitate reservations. provides these services at your request. These Reservation Terms and Conditions apply to every form of service provision by, however, there are certain exceptions which will be mentioned separately. makes your reservation. An agreement ensues between you and the service provider of your choice (such as an airline). We are categorically not a participating party in the final agreement. We make reservations for individual airline tickets, car rentals, transfers, and hotel rooms, and mediate in the establishment of travel and cancellation insurance. is not liable for the correct implementation of services reserved through it. General transportation Terms and Conditions and/or delivery terms for the service provider involved apply to the agreement made, such as the airline, car rental agency, or hotel, and you agree to those Terms and Conditions when you make a reservation at

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Corendon Airlines

If you are flying with Corendon Airlines, you can read the General Transportation Terms and Conditions at If you agree with the Terms and Conditions stipulated on, this means you also agree to the General Transportation Terms and Conditions for Corendon Airlines.

Corendon Dutch Airlines

If you are flying with Corendon Dutch Airlines, you can read the General Transportation Terms and Conditions here. If you agree with the Terms and Conditions stipulated on, this means you also agree to the General Transportation Terms and Conditions for Corendon Airlines.


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You are responsible for providing the necessary information to make and execute an accurate reservation. This includes providing the correct name, address, city, date of birth, nationality, etc. It is also your responsibility to be in possession of the travel documents required for your travels (passport, visa, proof of vaccination).

We are responsible for the careful execution of the services we provide.

The Special Terms and Conditions listed under Item 6 also apply to the reservation of individual airline tickets.

# Article 1 Terminology
# Article 2 The Agreement in General
# Article 3 The Reservation
# Article 4 Payments
# Article 5 Liability
# Article 6 Travel Terms and Conditions for Individual Airline tickets
# Article 7 Interest and Debt Collection
# Article 8 Disputes
# Article 9 Baggage

Article 1 Terminology

The agreement indicates an agreement between traveller and, whereby pledges to provide services related to travel in the broadest sense of the word. Which, in the course of fulfilling its duties, provides advice, information and mediation by facilitating the agreement related to travel. The transporter, accommodation provider, car rental agency, and/or other service providers related to travel in the broadest sense of the word, with whom the traveller enters into an agreement, and who, while adhering to related Terms and Conditions, is responsible for the execution of the service.

a. The customer (communicator), or
b. The person on whose behalf the services provided by were stipulated, and who has accepted that stipulation.
On Monday – Friday, from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm, and on Saturdays and Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, excluding official holidays, unless has explicitly stated that different operating hours apply.

The Arbitration Committee (Geschillencommissie): the institution where complaints can be filed

Article 2 The Agreement in General

The agreement is final as soon as the customer confirms it on website, or submits the agreement by email, fax, or verbally to The content of the agreement may consist, among other things, of informing and advising the traveller, as well as potentially making a reservation for select services on behalf of the traveller. The customer is bound to and service providers after issuing the agreement, regardless of whether instant confirmation occurs or not. If payment is owed for a service provided by itself, will indicate such in advance. Confirmation of the agreement will typically be sent to the customer immediately by email, in which case the confirmation is considered proof of the agreement described in the confirmation.
If the confirmation cannot be send by email immediately, will provide it at a later time. The customer can file for reclamation within two weekdays after receipt, and if this does not occur, the confirmation is considered proof of the existence and content of the agreement. This does not impede the customer from providing evidence to the contrary. The customer is fully liable for the responsibilities that result from service provision by, both with respect to and the service provider.

Article 3 The Reservation

The customer will provide the necessary personal information as required by to finalize the agreement and execute it, as well as for any fellow travellers, to Rates for reserved services can be adjusted according to the Terms and Conditions of the service provider. These changes will be announced and invoiced as quickly as possible. Any cancelation of or changes to the final agreement can only be processed on weekdays, and only on request of the customer. Cancelation and/or change requests can only be requested by telephone. If cancelation takes place on request of the customer, or changes are applied to already finalized reservations, any related costs will be invoiced. In addition to cancelation or change costs charged by the service provider, there could also be costs incurred by for implementing the cancelation or change. In addition to the change and cancelation costs we have indicated, we apply the following charges: In case of cancelation or change to individual airline tickets, we will implement ANVR Terms and Conditions.
All communications from and the service provider are sent to the customer exclusively.

Article 4 Payment

The amounts owed must be received by within the period of time stipulated by, and paid in one of the following ways:
Credit card
iDEAL (Netherlands)
Netbanking (Belgium)
according to the method described on the reservation form.
If payment does not occur, or does not occur on time, the traveller is considered to have defaulted, and the agreement is considered terminated, unless Terms and Condition for any other involved service provider stipulate otherwise. has the right to charge or offset costs as indicated in Article 3.3 with payments already received. Additional costs resulting from the collection of money owed will also be paid by the customer.
Any refunds will be made to the customer exclusively.

Article 5 Liability

In executing the agreement, takes responsibility for being an excellent provider. Regardless of the former, is not liable for actions and/or negligence on the part of service providers involved, nor for the accuracy of information provided by these service providers. is not responsible for images, brochures and other information materials in as far as these were issued at the behest of third parties. In as far as itself is clearly at fault and the traveller suffers damages as a result (this means damages incurred as a result of loss of travel pleasure), the liability of is limited to a maximum of 25% of invoiced services. So-called consequential damages are excluded.
Liability for damages for which the traveller is insured (such as through purchased travel insurance, and/or cancelation insurance or medical insurance) as well as liability for damages suffered by the traveller in the course of implementing a profession or business (including damages occurred because of missed connections, i.e. not arriving at the destination on time) are excluded. is not responsible for any commitments made by its staff and/or third parties which obviously deviate from the Terms and Conditions, or the requirements stipulated in the Terms and Conditions of the responsible service providers, unless such commitments are later confirmed in writing. The exceptions and limitations to liability included in this article apply on behalf of the staff, and/or the staff working for the associated third party.

Article 6 Travel Terms and Conditions for Individual Airline Tickets

Personal Information
Each individual passenger is always responsible for the accuracy of the information that is provided when making a reservation on the website, or in the course of a telephone reservation. Corendon Vliegvakanties is never liable for any damages incurred in cases where the customer cannot be reached for the communications of any changes because of incorrect contact information.
The customer is also responsible for passing on any changes to their own email address, telephone number, etc. If this does not occur, can never be liable for any resulting damages if customers cannot be reached to inform them of changes.

Check-In and Ticketing
As a rule, check-in counters are open 2 hours prior to scheduled departure. In most cases, reservations made at will be made with a TICKETLESS AIRLINE, and this airline will not issue tickets. The only thing you need to fly is your passport or identity card. When you make your reservation, you will be issued a CONFIRMATION NUMBER. Please do not lose this number, as you will need it to identify your reservation and any related information. If the airline does not provide ticketless check-in options, we will send you the ticket by email.

Day of Departure advises all of its passengers with reservations to check in two hours prior to departure. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation or deny access to the airplane without reimbursing your money if you do not adhere to this check-in time limit.
You must arrive at the gate at least 30 minutes prior to departure. The gate closes ten minutes before the flight departs. Passengers who arrive at the gate too late, will not be allowed to board. We reserve the right to cancel your flight under these circumstances, without reimbursing you for the amount you paid for your ticket. If you want to depart on a later flight, you must purchase the new flight at the going rate at that time. The amount you paid (including taxes, fees, and costs) will not be reimbursed, except in cases where cancels the flight.

If a flight is cancelled by due to insufficient passengers, such to be determined by us exclusively, and no suitable alternative flight is available, you will be reimbursed the amount you paid for the cancelled flight.

Name Change
Names of passengers can be changed according to ANVR Terms and Conditions.

Flight Confirmation
Passengers must reconfirm both departure and return flights at, or by contacting the Contact Center by telephone. You can easily consult departure times at MY RESERVATIONS on our website.

Travel Documents
All passengers must provide a valid proof of identity when checking in. This applies to all flights for which reservations were made through us. Expired proof of identity will not be accepted. If the names on the reservation and proof of identity to not agree, you will not be permitted to check in, and the amount you paid for the ticket will not be reimbursed.

Traveling with Minors and Babies
Are children younger than 12 years old allowed to travel unaccompanied on a Corendon Airlines flight?

Unaccompanied minors younger than 6 years old are not permitted on a flight.
Unaccompanied children between 6 and 12 years old may travel alone if:

  • They are accompanied to the departure airport by an adult who has permission from the parents, or the legal guardians.

  • This adult must provide our ground personnel or the responsible institution at the departure airport with the required travel documents for the trip the child is making.

  • Written proof of release (Release of Liability for unaccompanied minors younger than 12 years old) and valid proof of identification.

  • The minor must be met at the arrival airport by the parents/legal guardians or an authorized adult. Unaccompanied minors remain under parental supervision until boarding commences.

  • One of our staff members will accompany the minor on board of the aircraft, and will personally transfer responsibility for supervision to cabin personnel. The accompanying adult is expected to remain at the airport until the aircraft takes off.

    Children younger than two years old (on the day of the return flight) may travel for € 20 administration fee per flight, on condition that the child sits on the lap of an adult (one baby per adult). Infant seats and carriages are not permitted on board the aircraft. If the child turns 2 years old before the return flight takes place, applicable rates, taxes, costs and compensation for that leg of the journey are owed. If you do not comply with this rule, it may have serious legal consequences for you. Passengers are not permitted to bring alcohol on board for personal consumption.


Bus Transfers
All bus transfers listed on or offered by are not provided by is not responsible for late, cancelled or incorrect listing of transfer times.

Changes to your Flight Schedule or Delays
Flight numbers and flight times as listed on your travel schedule at the time of your reservation may be subject to change. It may occur that airlines implement changes to schedules so that flight numbers, flight times, or routes also change (such as a stopover). strives to inform you about these changes prior to departure. We cannot offer a guarantee for this, or for the information reaching us on time, which means you are responsible for determining the correct flight numbers and departure times.

Warsaw Convention indicates the Convention to implement unification of certain rules regarding international air traffic determined in Warsaw on 12 October 1929, or the Convention as adjusted in The Hague on 8 September 1955, in cases where one or the other applies. Travel according to reservations made through us is subject to the rules and regulations for liability as determined in the Warsaw Convention, unless such transportation is not considered “international carriage” in the sense of the Convention.

Article 7 Interest and Debt Collection

The traveller who has defaulted owes interest as determined by law, unless the terms and conditions of the service provider specify a higher interest rate. The traveller is also liable to reimburse extrajudicial costs made by for the collection of the claim, equal to 15% of the claim with a minimum of € 50, unless this amount is unfair with regard to the debt collection services provided.

Article 8 Disputes

Dutch law is applicable to all agreements between and the traveller. The Dutch civil court, or the Dispute Committee, are the only parties authorized to have knowledge of disputes. Complaints about Reservations. Complaints about a reservation made by may be submitted to up to one month after completion of the reserved service, or, in case the trip did not take place, up to one month after the original departure date listed in the travel information. If the complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of all parties in a timely fashion, or if no reparation is forthcoming, the traveller can submit the complaint to the Dispute Committee up to three months after conclusion of the reserved service (or, in case the trip did not take place, three months after the original departure date). Complaints about Advice and Information Complaints about advice and information disbursed by must be submitted by the passenger to within one month of knowledge of the facts on which the complaint is based, and in any case, within one year of the advice or information provided, in writing, and with motivation. Any right to a claim expires one year after conclusion of the reserved service (or, in case the trip did not take place, one year after the original date of departure), or in case the complaint refers to service provision by, one year after this service provision.

Article 9 Baggage

Click here for additional information about your baggage.